Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer visa sponsorship for international applicants?

Yes, EPIC sponsors work or student visas.

2. Are there any specific requirements for the writing sample?

There are no requirements for the length or topic of your writing sample. Many successful applicants submit economics research papers (e.g. a thesis, or term paper) that highlight their abilities in writing and empirical analysis.

3. What kind of applicant does EPIC look for?

Successful applicants have typically completed advanced coursework with high marks in economics, math, statistics, or computer science. Many pre-doctoral fellows have had past economics research experience at their university, or other research institutions such as the Federal Reserve, World Bank, J-PAL or IMF. A demonstrated interest in energy and environmental economics is helpful, but not necessary.

4. Does EPIC offer summer research opportunities?

EPIC offers summer research fellowships to 2-3 undergraduates each year. Recruiting for summer fellows will begin in Spring 2019.

5. If I have a preference for working for the Climate Impact Lab will this be taken into consideration? 

Applicants will automatically be considered for all open positions but may list preferences within their cover letter.